Glass Block Installation

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Glass brick Wall
Glass brick Wall

Glass block accenting a beautiful view

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Legacy Glass Block windows are a perfect option for basements, bathrooms or garages.  They are energy efficiency, maintenance free and provide exceptional security.  Once they are installed, you can be sure to enjoy them for many years.  You can use them in a garage or for basement windows to add exceptional security to your home or business.  Legacy Construction Pros specialize in both commercial and residential applications.

Energy Efficient

Glass Block technology has evolved over the years to become as energy efficient as thermal pane windows.  They utilize vacuum sealed technology combined with thermal pane hopper vents to provide the highest level of efficiency.


Our products offer superior protection and security.  Not only are they very hard to break but they usually deter burglars from even trying.

Maintenance Free

Windows from Legacy are a great way to secure your basement , garage or warehouse.  They are very hard to break and usually will deter burglars from even trying.

All of our products and work are warranted.  You can be sure that your project is in excellent hands.  

Residential Application
Commercial Application
Industrial Use

Different Styles

Glass block installation
Glass block replacement
Window replacement
Traditional Pattern 
Diamond Pattern 
Ice Pattern 
Our original wavy glass block pattern is designed to be simple and elegant.  It allows the most light to transmit through.
Our diamond pattern is a little more obscure than the traditional.  This unique design provides additional privacy.
Our Ice pattern is the most obscure of them all.  It is perfect for a bathroom because it provides the most privacy.